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I was born and raised in Minneapolis by my award winning restaurateur mother, Leeann Chin.   As a kid, I helped my mom cater and, later, worked in the restaurants.  I used my mom’s first cookbook to give dinner parties in my tiny dorm room in college. But when I moved to LA to work in the entertainment industry, I hardly had time to cook so I ended up going to restaurants, ordering takeout or eating Haagen Dazs for dinner.  One day my mother intervened: “If you go to a restaurant and sit down, it’s two hours!” Leeann told her daughter. “In that time you could make something healthy!”  I felt inspired and got back in touch with my culinary roots.  I quit my job as a film and television marketing executive to run a catering company with my mom, Double Happiness Catering.  Specializing in Pan-Asian cuisine, we catered many celebrity-studded events for the high fashion and entertainment industries.

My cookbooks include “Everyday Chinese Cooking” and “300 Best Rice Cooker Recipes.” My newest book “Everyday Thai Cooking” is coming out on August 6th!   I also co-hosted the national PBS cooking series in 2003, “Double Happiness,” with my mom Leeann.  I’ve been lucky to have made appearances on national television including The Today Show, Iron Chef America and specials for The Food Network, Cooking Channel and Fine Living.  I’ve also been featured in Glamour, Family Circle, Cooking Light, Bon Appetit, Self Magazine, Angeleno Magazine, Hampton Magazine, Elle Magazine, Daily Candy, Daily Variety, Real Simple and The Los Angeles Times.

I’m also honored to be the Culinary Ambassador to City of Hope and its Super Foods initiative. I was so fortunate to take the message of the cancer-fighting potential of certain foods directly to the White House, where I demonstrated at the annual Easter Egg Roll how to quickly and easily incorporate “super foods” into daily life.  My mother passed away from cancer three years ago so my work with City of Hope is very personal and I’m extremely passionate about the work they do.

I’m also a mom to toddler twins, Dylan and Becca, and stepdaughter, Kyla, who love to help test and try out all of my new recipes.  When I’m not working, I love to throw karaoke dinner parties and collect all things Hello Kitty!

Welcome to The Sweet
and Sour Chronicles!

Hi! I’m Katie Chin, an Asian food expert, cookbook author, tv host and food blogger. I'm also a mom, so I know what it takes to get dinner on the table in a busy household. I specialize in everyday Asian recipes for real people on real schedules and real budgets. more

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