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postheadericon Spicy Thai Peanut Noodles

I’ve really been craving these Spicy Thai Peanut Noodles lately so I couldn’t resist reposting this easy, fast and delicious recipe.  These noodles are awesome because you can throw in any veggie you like and any leftover meat (like the roast chicken from dinner last night) for an easy breezy one pot meal.   Follow [...]

postheadericon Chicken Teriyaki Bowl

When I was pregnant with the twins, I constantly craved mashed potatoes, cheeseburgers and chicken teriyaki bowls (I was eating for three after all!)  I craved it so much I came up with this recipe and made my hubby make it for me all the time (in between foot rubs).   As growing-up-too-fast five year-olds, [...]

postheadericon Beef with Broccoli

We just launched my Chef Katie You Tube Channel.  Hooray!  I wanted to share the latest and greatest video with you -Beef with Broccoli – so click and take a peek.  We’ll be posting a new fresh and fabulous Asian cooking video every week so please subscribe and learn how to cook with me!  We’d love your [...]

postheadericon Chinese New Year Menu

GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!!!  Chinese New Year falls on Friday, January 31st!  Welcome to the Year of the Horse.  I wanted to share my favorite dishes for Chinese New Year so you can start planning your own celebration.  I always serve Long Life Noodles for longevity (the longer the noodle, the longer the life!), a [...]

postheadericon Thai Mango and Prawn Salad

Happy New Year everyone!!  After devouring my sister’s amazing Beef Wellington and grilled lobster on New Year’s Eve followed by my chocolate molten lava cake, I’m staring at my Fit Bit (Christmas present from hubby) knowing I’ll need to triple the steps I take this week to burn that dinner off.  Don’t get me wrong, [...]

postheadericon Edamame Hummus

I just did a book signing at the Kyle Kares – Shop for a Cause Event to benefit the American Cancer Society at Kyle Richards‘ (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) store Kyle by Alene Too.  I served two appetizers from my new cookbook along with a vegan option, Edamame Hummus on a Wonton Chip.    [...]

postheadericon Pineapple Duck Curry

This month’s issue of Ventura Blvd Magazine includes an entertaining feature to celebrate my new cookbook, “Everyday Thai Cooking” at the home of my dear friend and TV personality Jeannie Mai.  I served an eight course Thai menu for our holiday dinner which included this Pineapple Duck Curry dish.  It’s sweet and spicy and slightly [...]

postheadericon Grilled Asian Steak

As we “fall” back this weekend, I thought I’d post something hearty, soul-satisfying and sear-iously delicious.  A simple combo of ginger, garlic, soy sauce, honey, sesame oil and rice vinegar is whisked together for the marinade.   You can find premium sesame oil in the gourmet section at Cost Plus World Market.  It’s so easy [...]

postheadericon Me and the First Family

I couldn’t resist posting the pic of me and the First Family!  It just arrived in the mail.  It’s from my appearance in April at the annual Easter Egg Roll on behalf of City of Hope and its Super Foods initiative.   I made Thai Chicken Lettuce Cups made with the cancer-fighting mushrooms.  I loved [...]

postheadericon Asian Steak Kabobs

I don’t know about you but I’m already overwhelmed by the soccer practice and T-ball practice schedules that we just received.  Not to mention the homework packets about to come home with the twins in their backpacks.  I am so looking forward to this Labor Day weekend to relax and chill out a bit before [...]