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postheadericon Beef with Broccoli

We just launched my Chef Katie You Tube Channel.  Hooray!  I wanted to share the latest and greatest video with you -Beef with Broccoli – so click and take a peek.  We’ll be posting a new fresh and fabulous Asian cooking video every week so please subscribe and learn how to cook with me!  We’d love your [...]

postheadericon Clams in Black Bean Sauce

There’s something sultry about this dish.  It’s earthy, aromatic, salty, slippery and a bit a spicy.  Don’t confuse Chinese black beans with Mexican black beans.  Chinese black beans are also known as fermented or salted black beans and are made from fermented soy beans.  They are pungent and quite strong so it’s important to soak [...]

postheadericon Chinese New Year Menu

GUNG HAY FAT CHOY!!!  Chinese New Year falls on Friday, January 31st!  Welcome to the Year of the Horse.  I wanted to share my favorite dishes for Chinese New Year so you can start planning your own celebration.  I always serve Long Life Noodles for longevity (the longer the noodle, the longer the life!), a [...]

postheadericon Firecracker Shrimp

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!  Happy Chinese New Year!  Chinese New Year is Friday, January 31st and it is the Year of the Horse.  Chinese New Year is a very special holiday as everything you eat on this day and everything you do determines how your entire year will unfold. Chinese people eat things like Long [...]

postheadericon Pineapple Duck Curry

This month’s issue of Ventura Blvd Magazine includes an entertaining feature to celebrate my new cookbook, “Everyday Thai Cooking” at the home of my dear friend and TV personality Jeannie Mai.  I served an eight course Thai menu for our holiday dinner which included this Pineapple Duck Curry dish.  It’s sweet and spicy and slightly [...]

postheadericon Sweet and Sour Chicken

“Without the sour, the sweet wouldn’t be as sweet.”  I just love that quote.  We’ve had our share of sour lately (I won’t go into it but we were left nanny-less in the middle of throwing several book launch parties).  In the scheme of things though (especially after hearing about the hurricane in the Philipines), [...]

postheadericon Walnut Shrimp

Besides the Real Housewives of ______ (fill in the blank), Walnut Shrimp is my guilty pleasure.  If you’ve had this crispy, creamy, sweet and citrusy dish with prawns and crunchy honey glazed walnuts, you know exactly what I mean.  This is not an everyday recipe I make on busy weeknights.  It takes some extra steps [...]

postheadericon Kimchi Fried Rice

Looking to add a little kick to your everyday weeknight dinner?  Kimchi, also spelled kimchee or gimchi, is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made of cabbage with a variety of seasonings.  Kimchi is one of the pillars of Korean cuisine and you can find it at Asian markets and some grocery stores in the [...]

postheadericon Mongolian Beef

I spent this morning pretending to be Princess Leia while my almost 5 year-old son Dylan wielded a pretend light saber (it was my Swiffer handle).  It was the only way I could get him to eat his bagel with cream cheese.  From Star Wars to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Samurai, Dylan is obsessed with [...]

postheadericon Shrimp with Asian Pesto

Want to add a little Southeast Asian flair to your pesto?  This recipe is filled with fresh basil, cilantro and mint with a touch saltiness from the fish sauce and heat from the srircha.   It’s bright and fresh and perfect for a summer night.  I love this recipe because just like Italian pesto, you [...]